Modernismo Informal

Construcción espontánea en la Cd. de México

Autor: Eckhart Ribbeck & Sergio Padilla Galicia
Edición: awf-verlag - 2002
No. de páginas: 349
Idioma: Aleman/Ingles

...the mass phenomenon of spontaneous building illustrates that even in megacities the tradition of buildings one´s house with one´s own hands had not disappeared by any means, and instead, is experiencing a huge renaissance.

The loomin concrete columns everywere of unfinished self-built houses have become a symbol of spontaeous building worldwide. At the same time, chaotic hut settlementes have long sice made way for routinized self-help urbanism, which approaches the housing problem informally, yet well organized and on a large scale.

This one may speak of an improvised or “informal modernism” that people have created everywhare, where formal modernism has either failed or gotten stuck midway...



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